Newbie – over my head and sinking fast

Hi everyone. I am a married mother of one, I work full time and I also receive some disabilty from the military. I am in tons of debt (credit cards, auto loans, personal loans, car loans, tax debt, medical bills, store credit, etc, ect). Almost everything is in collections and I’m so afraid to answer my phone, it’s making me physically ill. I am seriously considering bankruptcy because I don’t see how I can ever pay off the debt I have AND pay my bills and household expenses. Any advise? I have the only income in the house (about $51000.00 before taxes). I hope I’m not giving too much info and I hope I’ve given enough. I am SO in need of guidance that it is rediculous. I just don’t know what to do anymore. Any help or advise is appreciated and wanted. Thank you in advance.

Can you do me a favor and give me a break down of your budget, just to see where you are at every month? You have great income for the month, so just curious where it is all going for each bill?

Maybe we can give you some advice and head you in the right direction… Let us know ASAP!!! That’s what we’re here for. Just list the balance and minimum payment for each bill, including your fixed bills like mortgage/rent, utilities, car ins…etc… Would love to help you and see what best options you have ok???

I cant remember if I responded to you before or not…One thing Ive realized is that it probably took years to get in the predicament that you are in, and it will take you years to get out of it. You said you are married? Sit down with one another and lay all your bills out and see where you are at with money coming in and money going out! Begin to plan a budget….Look at paying the most important things, electricity, gas, necessities first…

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