Hi everyone, I have a question involving my DD who is almost 19. She is trying to establish a good credit rating with just the very basics but it seems she already has problems before even getting started.

She has had a savings account for many years that we had opened for her. Recently she attempted to open a checking account and was told the information she provided didn’t match what was on file and couldn’t open an account at this time. We both just kind of sat there looking stupid for a minute going ……..”huh”. What exactly does that mean?

Also she applied for a small credit card from Capital One and was approved it seemed like but 3 days after she received her card she got a phone call from them(on a Saturday to boot) asking her about several different addresses (2 which we lived at in the past 20 years, 1 where her grandparents lived- raising her dad, and uncles- for 30 years before retiring and 2 we have never heard of). Now they tell her her account has been suspended pending verification because AGAIN her information doesn’t match what is shown on file ! She has to contact the SSA Monday AND go to any bank and submit her ID for verification for Capital One !!!

What in the world is going on?! She hasn’t even started and she is running into so many problems she is really upset and so am I !!!! What can she do? Thanks for any input and helpful advice.

My sister had this happen to her at 16 when she got her driver’s license.

1) Is your daughter’s name similar to any of your relatives?
2) As in my sister’s case, the driver’s office here recycles driver’s license numbers. So the person who previously had her number wrote hot checks so my sister couldn’t write a check. She had to go to all the credit bureaus to get it straigtened out.

It’s worth checking into… Read your note. That’s the credit reporting bureaus for you. Their word is Law. I have the same problem, them having two additional address for me, that I have never lived at, one state I have never even been to. I phoned them and there was not a thing I could do to get it changed, even after writing a letter to the bureau.

Hope you find an answer for your daughter.

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