Immediately, go on-line and pull her credit report from all 3! It’s free, do not pay for anything. Look for fraud!

There is one other possibility, most people are unaware that SS numbers are reissued after the death of someone. So if someone had an untimely death at an early age and had really screwed up credit, it could bleed into someone else’s like your daughters.

I have not personally run into this with credit, but I have with security clearances. Can you imagine me looking at a 19 year old in 1991 and tell him he has a rap sheet for armed robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, burglaries, etc committed in 1953,54, & 55? Sounds comical , but this has happened numerous times.

So, anyway, the first thing you should do, today, is check all 3 credit reports.

Are Credit Bureaus beyond lawsuits for knowingly publishing erroneous information? I do not believe so. If they cannot prove you lived at a particular address, I think they have to remove it by law. Keep asking for a supervisor until you find someone who cares. Push come to shove, check with a lawyer or the state bar.

If you are going to try to keep your credit rating good. A credit relief company will not achieve that. You have to be at least 3-6 months behind on payments before credit card companies will negotiate and many of the debt relief companies have outragous fees that are hidden in the fine print or they are so disorganized that you end up worse off.

It’s my two cents that if you can, get a second job for a couple months, have a garage sale, sacrifice going to the movies or out to eat for a few months and throw every dime towards your debt.

You will be teaching your kiddos the valuable lesson of when we get into messes, sometimes we have to work extra hard to clean it up. Even better, the lesson that debt hurts.

Good luck to you!

Credit report